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Moving to another country to fulfil an international assignment is an exciting prospect where you will experience new challenges, cultures and lifestyles. Let us help you realise your relocation dream and aspirations!

Hampton Relocation is committed to providing simple, cost effective personalised relocation solutions. By listening carefully to our clients we are able to build bespoke programmes to suit an individual’s needs, resulting in an exact fit and a high level of satisfaction.

James Nevile, Managing Director of Hampton Relocation and Global Mobility SpecialistJames Nevile, Managing Director, is a Global Mobility Specialist, GMS® and has been involved in the mobility industry since 2009. He is passionate about helping people relocate and is familiar with the level of anxiety and stress associated with moving, having been through the process many times himself as a child in the armed forces and on international assignment in Germany.

Member of The Association of Relocation Professionals (ARP)

What we can do for you



We always recommend that you set some time aside to “pre-visit” a location before an anticipated move. This often helps to focus the home search more effectively.



Strategic advice on entry to the UK school system including a short list of the best schools in the desired relocating area.



Researched itinerary with an assisted property finding tour. Service includes rental offer assistance and accompanied Check In.


Settling In

It can be quite daunting once you have arrived in the UK to deal with the all the local setup requirements. Our settling in service provides an efficient time saving solution for you.


Hampton Relocation


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